In Canada, we love a good deal. The trouble is, they tend to be hard to find…especially for electronics. Here’s a list of the best weekly deals for headphones in Canada from the major online retailers. Check back often as we’ll be updating it as the sales happen.

Canadian Headphone Deals for the Week of: October 12th

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Sennheiser HD598's on Sale

Sennheiser HD598 Headphones

  • Regular Price: $379.99
  • Sale Price: $299.99
  • $79.96 off

Sometimes the best sounding, most amazing headphones are on sale and you have to take it. The HD598 Headphones have been called the “best headphones you can buy under $300” and there’s a reason. They have amazing soundstage, which means you can hear where the instruments are coming from. These are a great ‘gateway’ headphone for casual music lovers into full on audiophiles. Another plus: there’s no other set of headphones that look like this. The burl wood accents? You have to respect that.

AKG K142HD Headphones on Sale

AKG K142HD High Definition Headphones

  • Regular Price: $179.99
  • Sale Price: $79.97
  • $100.02 off

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Monster Lil Jamz on Sale

Monster Lil Jamz Performance Headphones

  • Regular Price: $99.99
  • Sale Price: $49.99
  • $50.00 off

When you put on these earbuds for the first time be prepared for the amazing sound that comes out of them. The all metal design doesn’t vibrate, allowing the sound to come through clearly and crisply. These are the best earbuds to get if you’re a bass head or are going to be listening to a lot of electronica. The bass is tight, the highs and mids are crisp. The metal chrome finish means they will stay shiny with no need to polish them.
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Sony Wireless Headphones on Sale

SONY MDR-RF970RK Wireless Headphones

  • Regular Price: $79.99
  • Sale Price: $44.99
  • $35.00 off

I should mention that these headphones are refurbished, although Sony does offer a 1 year parts warranty on the headphones. These are great wireless headphones for people on a budget. Sony does know how to make headphones sound good and doesn’t disappoint here. The range for them is about 150 feet, and the Ni-MH battery’s charge lasts for about 15 hours. There’s 3 channels, and all operate in the 900 MHz range. The ear-cups are soft and plush.
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Able Planet NC192B Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Able Planet NC192B Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • Regular Price: $91.99
  • Sale Price: $45.99
  • $46.00 off

Able Planet makes some outstanding noise-cancelling headphones and their ‘budget’ model in no way disappoints. The sound quality is up there with the $200 headphones, with great bass as well as a crystal clear mid-range (the highs are where the sound is lacking). It comes with an inline remote for controlling the volume. The noise-cancellation sounded like it was in the 75-80% range, which is great for this price range. The ear-pads were cozy and the overall lightness meant that I could put them on and easily go to sleep. The one caveat is that it comes with a soft case, which is a hazard for travelling. So I recommend getting a hard case with these headphones.
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